E81 – Schrob- en zuigmachine

The E81 is a professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer which, equipped with the innovate Eureka ECOsystem®, guarantees impressive labour, water and detergent savings and boasts a productivity rate three times greater than traditional systems.



Designed around Eureka’s ECOsystem® technology, the E81 is a robust, professional walk-behind scrubber-dryer, ideal for the thorough cleaning of medium to large areas. The twin brush scrub deck has a cleaning path of 810 mm which, combined with a 4,5 km/h speed, boasts an area coverage of 3.650 m2/h.

Available in M, TRAC and top of the range ECO versions.


The exclusive ECOsystem® uses a unique method to recycle water and cleaning detergent, therefore increasing productivity and decreasing time wasted emptying and refilling. This reduces the quantities of cleaning detergent and water required, guaranteeing both cost and labour savings.

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